Looking Forward — Your views count!

Summer is on the way out and we can now look forward to autumn evenings hearing our favourite speakers talk at a variety of venues across Yorkshire.

Speaking from a personal view, there appears to be lots of different activities but as always the problem is trying to pull the information together.  I spend as much time as I can spare putting up the information obtained from a number of sources, several of which are doing something very similar.  However, I would still welcome more direct information coming from event organisers and in particular those within West Yorkshire.

Apart from posting events, the forum can also provide a vehicle for exchanging views, reporting on projects and generally keeping people in touch.  This has been said before, but feedback to the forum is minimal.  Are you out there using this site or am I just talking to myself??  Hit the comment button and let’s know your views!

What do people think, your views would be interesting and welcome on this forum.  You can use the comment button below or email via the ‘Contact Us’ tab.

We continue to get information from our regulars but would welcome details of projects, speaker evenings or anything else happening in Yorkshire.  We are the West Yorkshire Forum but are happy to put up information from the North, South and East!

If your group, project, society or whoever have events planned PLEASE let us know and I will make sure the information is published on the WYHF site.  You can contact either Paul or myself via the ‘Contact Us’ Tab or leave a comment on this post.

We could also do with feedback from those of you attending some of these talks and recommendations for future talks/visits that could be passed on to relevant groups.

Mike T


West Yorkshire Heritage Forum and the First World War

The West Yorkshire Heritage Forum exists to keep all of you, who are interested in preserving aspects of our heritage, informed as to what is going on.

As the anniversary of World War I grows nearer, we know that there are many projects out there which are being set up to celebrate the local heritage.  If you belong to or know of such a group, we would be interested to hear about your project and share it with members of the forum.

We have already heard from the Nidderdale Project and the BBC are about to launch their own project, we look forward to hearing about others.  When we have enough, I can set up a section dedicated to this important heritage topic within our site.

Stonehenge – What did you think?

The BBC recently screened a two-part programme featuring the geophysical survey recently completed at Stonehenge using some of the latest techniques, led by Birmingham University and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute.  After the programmes were shown I was discussing them with a local history group who thought them very good.  However, the WYHF team in the shape of Paul and myself had been very disappointed at the superficial way in which the programme makers had dealt with the subject.  ‘Clever’ camera shots of people tearing across the countryside on quad bikes towing weird looking trailers hardly explained what the Geophysics technology did or why it was so much more advanced than what is usually deployed.  Geophysical interpretation of the results was included in flashy animated graphics but no attempt was made to explain how this was achieved from the data.  Also interesting conjecture was presented as irrefutable proof which is surely not acceptable to modern archaeology?

It would appear that Mike Pitts, editor of the CBA British Archaeology Magazine, has similar views and you might want to read his blog to gain a better insight into what has been going on around Stonehenge in recent years.

What did you think about the programmes and the current coverage of archaeology and other Heritage Themes on television?  Click on the Comments button and lets have a discussion.

By the way, how many of you are following the Future Learn course on Hadrian’s Wall, something else we could talk about?


The Romans are Roaming Yorkshire!

I have recently added various programmes of speakers and events happening over the next few months

Mike Haken, RAS webmaster, and expert on Roman Roads in Yorkshire has been compiling a list of events specifically to do with the Romans.

This has just been published on the Roman Antiquities Section of the YAS website.

Mike also  kindly agreed that I could use his compilation to distribute as one of our usual pdf files.  Click here to download a long list of things Roman happening in Yorkshire


The Roman Roads of Yorkshire Thornton Le Street

Just a reminder that next Saturday 11th October 2014, the Roman Roads series of talks continues with a English Heritage Workshop on LIDAR in the morning and a talk by Hugh Toller entitled ‘Roman Roads – From Warburton to LIDAR’ in the afternoon.

It will be necessary to book for both, there are two places left for the morning workshop.

For full details and how to book you can click here