Yorkshire Archaeological Society

The Yorkshire Archaeological Society

The Society exists to promote the study of Yorkshire’s past.

The Yorkshire Archaeological Society was founded in 1863 (as the Huddersfield Archaeological and Topographical Association) to promote interest in the history and archaeology of the Huddersfield area.

In 1870 it expanded its interest to cover the whole of Yorkshire, and today it is the main society in this field for the historic county.  Throughout its history the Society has been active in publishing articles on many aspects of Yorkshire’s past and transcripts of important Yorkshire records.

The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal was first published in 1869, and the Record Series in 1884.

The Society also encourages interest in Yorkshire’s past and promotes the study of its history through events, lectures and outings.

From its earliest years the society has acquired books and documents and has built up a fine library.

Today the Society’s headquarters are at Claremont close to the centre of Leeds, which not only houses the library and archive collections, but also has its own lecture room for meetings of the Society and its sections.

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