Meeting 23rd November

Just received details about a meeting organised by the The Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past at The King’s Manor, University of York:

We are delighted to welcome Michael Wood, writer and television presenter, who
will be talking about his Story of England community archaeology project at Kibworth in
Leicestershire and about the role television can play in notions of place, history, and identity.
Other speakers will focus on ongoing community archaeology projects in York and
beyond and include Cath Neal (University of York), Peter Connelly and Jon Kenny
(York Archaeological Trust), Suzie Thomas (Council for British Archaeology) and
Mike Nevell (University of Salford/Dig Manchester).
The focus of the day’s discussion will be the role the material past may play
in furthering strategies of engagement and participation and consideration of the
benefits and outcomes of such projects.
For more information please contact

— Jon Kenny
Community Archaeologist
York Archaeological Trust
47 Aldwark

Tel: 01904 663020


3 comments on “Meeting 23rd November

  1. paulatleedsarch says:

    There has been keen interest in this from the female members of SLA.
    I understand that Michael Wood may have something to do with this! (Sorry Cath, Suzie , Peter and Jon).

  2. The Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeology Group have a ‘broad’ HER database that includes local geology, flora and fauna records as well as a broad range of archaeology records.

    Tim Laurie is also undertaking a major survey of the ancient and notable trees in his Swaledale Woodland Project.

    We welcome all contributions from anyone visiting our area. If you want to submit a record for inclusion then please use the contact page to get in touch.

    Please have a look at all of the records:

    Our records are sent each year to both the YDNPA and NYCC HER databases and are archived by the British Library.


  3. webmaster says:

    I went along to the meeting yesterday. Had there been an admission charge it would have been a sell-out! I believe even the organisers were overwhelmed by the number who turned up.

    Michael Wood presented an entertaining and at the same time revealing insight into the Kibworth TV series. The panel of five speakers that followed provided a number of different perspectives in terms of how archaeologists interact with the community. The themes that came across as far as I was concerned, as a ‘lay’ person surrounded by archaeologists, were that change is immenient, the Localism Act is going to have a fundamental impact on funding and both the experts and the community need to review and refine the definitions of community as far as local projects are concerned.

    It seems to me that communication and information are key requirements. I would like to think that the West Yorkshire Heritage Forum, together with similar organisations can contribute significantly to this. This site can become a key information channel but needs all heritage participants in West Yorkshire to contribute. We need to know about the activities of all the organisations out there and we can publicise special events or calls for volunteers etc.

    To get your group and activities up on the site contact Paul Boothroyd or myself via the ‘Contact Us’ page at the top of the screen.

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