The Friends of Aldborough

Although not strictly speaking in West Yorkshire, forum members will be interested to know that English Heritage is discussing the possibility of  a Friends of Aldborough Museum group.  Aldborough is an important Romano British site which was once the administrative centre for the Brigantes under Roman occupation and current geophysical survey work is revealing more about the town.

On Monday March 12 there will be a meeting in Aldborough Village Hall at 7.30pm to talk about the possibility of the setting up of a group, Friends of Aldborough Museum.

Mark Douglas of English Heritage will be attending the meeting and will give a short presentation on English Heritage’s plans for the site and how they might be able to work with a Friends organisation.

Andrew Lawson Tancred will then outline his views as to how the site might be extended or improved.

After these presentations there will a discussion on how a new Friends organisation might be set up and how it would operate.

For more information contact Jane Barber or ring 01423 325 808


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