Castleford Heritage Festival — Archaeology Day

Castleford Heritage Trust are arranging an archaeology day on Saturday 16th June 11a.m. to 4p.m. during our Heritage Festival. There will be exhibits and information about the work and archaeology findings of various groups at Trinity Methodist Church. We are to have talks from 2p.m. and the church will provide refreshments during the day. If you know of anyone else who could provide an interesting archaeology display I would be grateful for contact details. Also please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

I do hope you can support this as a prelude to our archaeology project in the town.

Many thanks,


Chair of Castleford Heritage Trust

You can contact me on 07778430546

or Lorna Malkin or Mandy Williams on 01977 556741

you can also contact us via our website


Sheffield Industrial Archaeology Event

Could you please circulate this poster to the Heritage Forum? It’s for an event that we’re running with the South Yorkshire Industrial History Society on May 17th, at Wentworth Castle (Stainborough), to present the results of a recent archaeological survey of Rockley Furnace and Engine House. The survey has unearthed all sorts of new historical information, as well as mapping the surviving features and producing some fabulous 3-D scans of the engine house and furnace structures.

The event is free to attend, but places are limited and so do need to be booked in advance. For more information please see our website –  

Rockley Survey Launch A4 poster (2)

You Are What You Ate — New Workshop

Diet, death and disease:

Free Bone Workshop

Diseases such as dental cavities, scurvy and gout all leave changes on the skeleton. Come and explore the links between diet and health in the Middle Ages. A short introductory talk is followed by a lab session where you will be encouraged to examine medieval skeletons with evidence of diet-related pathology. See for yourself how what we eat affects our bodies! Continue reading

Hardcastle Crags — Charcoal Stances — Continued

Following up from the Sunday sessions, a full spot height survey was carried out last Tuesday using the dumpy level.  This data has now been loaded into Google Sketch-up and a 3D-terrain model drawn for a 16 metre x 16 metre area of the main stance.

The next stage is planned for Easter Saturday and Sunday putting a trench across the key features of the site.  Hopefully, charcoal samples will be collected which can provide more information as to whether the site is in fact a charcoal stance and its likely age.

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