Hardcastle Crags Charcoal Stance gets NT Approval

We have further news on the excavation being carried out by South Leeds Archaeology.  Following a site meeting with the National Trust, further archaeological investigations are planned.

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Researching Community Archaeology — University of Sheffield

The attached poster advertises a few events which are being organised by the University of Sheffield in support of the Heritage Lottery Fund’s All Our Stories funding scheme. We’d be delighted to hear from community groups who are considering applying to All Our Stories and would like to work with researchers from the University. The first events are on Wednesday 23 May.

Further information is available on our website:

communityheritage.group.shef.ac.uk. The project team can be contacted by

email: communityheritage@sheffield.ac.uk. Many thanks, Bob Johnston

Day of Archaeology 2012

I have found out about this event via Pat Hadley’s blog.

The first Day of Archaeology was held in 2011.  Contributors were asked to send in diary entries showing how they were involved in Archaeology on July 29th, the Day of Archaeology.  If not actually active on that day, anything a week before or after could count.  There were over 400 contributors in all.

This year the day chosen is the 29th of June.  It occurs to me that if you are already planning to come along to the next West Yorkshire Heritage Forum event on the 30th June in Hebden Bridge, there is an activity which can be written up and contributed as part of the Day of Archaeology.

For more information on how you can take part see this years website