Meeting in Dunnington, Nr York

The Derwent Archaeology Group will be sponsoring a lecture on July 12th in the Dunnington Reading Rooms (Village Hall) at 7:30 by Leonora O’Brien (who works for archaeological consultants URS/Scott Wilson).

Title :

Blood, seeds and soil: archaeological excavations at Harston, Cambridgeshire


The excavation of a Bronze Age burial mound, Iron Age roundhouses and pit burials and an Anglo-Saxon riverside settlement.

Short summary:

Archaeological excavations investigated a Bronze Age burial mound, an Iron Age settlement with roundhouses and almost 200 grain storage pits, and an early Anglo-Saxon settlement. During the Iron Age, humans, animals, pottery and other objects were buried in storage pits. Unusually, all the human burials were women and children, and some were ‘mummy bundles’, kept above ground for several generations before burial. The small Anglo-Saxon farming settlement had well-preserved wooden buildings, and finds include wool-processing and weaving equipment, cooking waste, tools and dress fittings.

Jon Kenny
Community Archaeologist
York Archaeological Trust
47 Aldwark

Tel: 01904 663020


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