Fulford Battle Events

Fulford Battlefield Walk

Sun 24 Feb 11:00 • Meet on the playing fields opposite Fulford Cemetery • FREE

In 1066 the first of three battles that would decide the fate of Anglo-Saxon England was fought at Fulford, just 2km south of York City centre. Join Chas Jones, author of Finding Fulford, for a guided walk of this richly historic site. Please wear outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear, and be prepared to walk long distances. Walk should last approx 2 hours and the site is accessible to pushchairs.


Battle of Fulford Tapestry

Friday 22 Feb 9 – 5; Saturday 23 Feb  9 – 4 • Barclay’s Bank, Parliament Street • FREE

After many years of dedicated crafting, the individual pieces of this work of art have been joined together to form a magnificent depiction of the Battle of Fulford. This is a rare chance to view the piece in a central location and during Europe’s largest Viking Festival. A Fulford Battlefield Event with support from Barclay’s Bank.


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