York Heritage Research Seminars 2014

We have received details of a series of seminars being held in the Archaeological Department of York University at Kings Manor in York.  These are free to all with the added bonus of a glass of wine if you are early enough!

The first talk on Tuesday 21st January 2014 will be:

Doing Public Archaeology in the Digital Age

Lorna Richardson (University College London)


If you cannot make it to York they are arranging live streaming (without the glass of wine!!) so you can watch the seminars via your computer.

If you want to catch up on previous talks, there is an archive of You Tube recordings accessed by going to the link below.

Click here for full details of what looks like an interesting programme with relevance to community archaeology as well as for the professionals.

One comment on “York Heritage Research Seminars 2014

  1. webmaster says:

    I went along to this talk on Tuesday and found it very interesting. Lorna concentrated on the ways in which Twitter and Facebook can impact on the public face of archaeology. As one of those who has studiously avoided social media, I much prefer to exchange thought-out e-mails with specific people or groups, perhaps I should be considering the broader use of the above.

    It would be interesting those of you using this site could comment on whether you are picking up on the posts and forwarding them to your social media accounts. Should WYHF have a Facebook page? If so, what are your reasons?

    I look forward to a response via the comment link to this post

    Mike Turpin

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