Roman Road Excavation – North Yorkshire

A team drawn from the Roman Antiquities Section of YAS and led by South Leeds Archaeology, together with various other groups, have recently been excavating a newly discovered Roman road cutting on the road from Ilkley to Aldborough (Margary 720b) near Ripley Castle.

By kind permission of Sir Thomas Ingilby, there will be guided visits at hourly intervals from 11am until 4pm on Sunday 30th March, where visitors will not only be able to see the excavated remains of the road itself, but also the remains of the revetment structure of the cutting through which it ran, surviving surprisingly well (in parts!) after 1900 years.  Assembly will be at a gate some distance along Hollybank Lane and will be well marked from Ripley Car Park. Please note that the site is about a kilometre walk from Ripley and is in woodland, so stout footwear is recommended, good quality trainers at the very least – there is no vehicular access and dogs will not be permitted.

Enquiries to Mike Haken  RAS Webmaster


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