Stonehenge – What did you think?

The BBC recently screened a two-part programme featuring the geophysical survey recently completed at Stonehenge using some of the latest techniques, led by Birmingham University and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute.  After the programmes were shown I was discussing them with a local history group who thought them very good.  However, the WYHF team in the shape of Paul and myself had been very disappointed at the superficial way in which the programme makers had dealt with the subject.  ‘Clever’ camera shots of people tearing across the countryside on quad bikes towing weird looking trailers hardly explained what the Geophysics technology did or why it was so much more advanced than what is usually deployed.  Geophysical interpretation of the results was included in flashy animated graphics but no attempt was made to explain how this was achieved from the data.  Also interesting conjecture was presented as irrefutable proof which is surely not acceptable to modern archaeology?

It would appear that Mike Pitts, editor of the CBA British Archaeology Magazine, has similar views and you might want to read his blog to gain a better insight into what has been going on around Stonehenge in recent years.

What did you think about the programmes and the current coverage of archaeology and other Heritage Themes on television?  Click on the Comments button and lets have a discussion.

By the way, how many of you are following the Future Learn course on Hadrian’s Wall, something else we could talk about?


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