Second Catterick Open Day 29th November 2014

Martin Neal of the Highways Agency has informed us that they are holding a second archaeology day at Catterick on Saturday 29th November. Guided walks start at 10.30 am and continue hourly until 2.30pm, and strong shoes or boots are advised. There will be opportunities to speak to archaeologists working on the site, and there is a small display of photos and finds from the recent excavations.

The first “Archaeology Day” they held in May was well worth a visit, speaking from personal experience.  It will be good to see what progress they’ve made. For any further information please contact Stuart Culley, Public Liaison Officer, on 01677 932348

2 comments on “Second Catterick Open Day 29th November 2014

  1. frances dalesman says:

    Is the open day going to be rescheduled?

    • webmaster says:

      Hi Frances

      I very much hope so. It’s in the hands of the Highway Agency and I will post a reply as soon as we know something more. My guess is that it will probably be after Christmas … but I don’t know!

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