Prehistoric Sites in Dacre Parish Nidderdale

We are looking for interested folk to help us in an exciting new 2 year project we have just been awarded HLF funding for: namely to investigate,record and (for a few sites) excavate the prehistoric sites in Dacre Parish  we think we have found over the years, and to undertake a systematic search for others.

Whilst we will undertake all the normal research appropriate for such a project you may know of private papers or work concerning Dacre and if so it would help us greatly if we could be told about it.

Similarly we would welcome new members so  if anyone would like to help us I’d be very pleased to hear from them.

An important part of this project is our school forum, with many of the primary schools in both Dacre and nearby parishes involved. The recent changes to the school curriculum has raised the profile of prehistory and our project will enable the schools in the forum to access the local sites and gain a greater understanding of this era and the part archaeology can play in its discovery and recording.

More can be found at our website

about the site and there is also included an advert for an archaeologist to help us, which may be of interest.

Bob Barker

Secretary to Iron_Age(Nidderdale) CAG


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