The West Yorkshire Heritage Forum is intended to be a meeting place, both physically and on the internet, for all types of groups and individuals who are involved in or concerned about any and all aspects of the area’s heritage; it is to be open to amateurs and professionals as well as the just interested.

Heritage is anything which enriches the area in which we live, or extends our understanding of it – from archaeology to zoology and botany, genealogy to geology, museums, stately homes, public parks and gardens etc……………..

West Yorkshire is the target area but groups and individuals from anywhere are welcome to participate in the Forum and on this website.

This site – https://wyhf.wordpress.com – is intended for groups and individuals to keep up to date with the Forum and each other, and are welcome to post comments (moderated) – you are welcome to have details of your group  and its’ projects and problems displayed here.

The Forum is not designed to have a hierarchy – there is no committee and there will be no meetings about having meetings! The idea is that any group can offer to hold a meeting and will organise speakers and visits for the day – at the moment things are coordinated by a number of people (please see the Contacts section) who are happy to provide help and advice as well as direction to the Forum.

Paul Boothroyd

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