South Pennine Archaeology Network

SPAN is simply the collective noun for a small group of independent archaeologists who have been working for some twelve to fifteen years (and in one case, over thirty) to locate and record prehistoric features and artefacts within the general area of the South Pennines.

Midwinter sunrise, Midgley Moor

SPAN is in no way an exclusive group, nor do we regard the things we have found as being ‘ours’ -they are part of the past of everyone.

Geophysics, Ridge Rough

We publish the results of our work and also pass them on to West Yorkshire Archaeological Service for inclusion in the Historic Environment Record.

Boulder ring, Cragg Vale

We endeavour to inform people about South Pennine prehistory by offering talks, and by liaising with other bodies concerned with this fascinating area – for example Pennine Prospects, Treesponsibility, Yorkshire Peat Partnership, Moors For The Future, Natural England and English Heritage.

The Gorple Dagger

A bibliography of publications relating to this work can be downloaded as a pdf file.

Further information can be found by following this link to the Hebden Bridge Historical Society Prehistory Section

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