You Are What You Ate: Food lessons from the past! Come over to the dark side

This spring brings with it a series of free public talks based on this year’s project theme of ‘the dark side of eating’, with topics ranging from the history of drink through to using archaeology to find out more about diet and lifestyle. Continue reading

Wakefield Museum Blogsite

New Museum Blog.  WhilstWakefieldMuseum is closed for redevelopment and relocation to Wakefield One, the museums team has been keeping the public informed about what is going on behind the scenes through a new Blog.  The Blog will give a taster of the new museum designs, show objects being prepared for display, and highlight opportunities for getting involved.


Clarke Hall Wakefield — Public Events


This posting is from 2012.  Speaking personally I attended the April tours event which was really excellent and demonstrated how important Clarke Hall is.  Unfortunately in March 2013, we received the news in the comment below this post.

Clarke Hall Wakefield is a 17th Century house which functions as an educational museum during term times.

They are running two public events in the near future:  Continue reading

The Friends of Aldborough

Although not strictly speaking in West Yorkshire, forum members will be interested to know that English Heritage is discussing the possibility of  a Friends of Aldborough Museum group.  Aldborough is an important Romano British site which was once the administrative centre for the Brigantes under Roman occupation and current geophysical survey work is revealing more about the town. Continue reading